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What you want to do:
  Control water temperature: Intellifaucet Mixing Valves
  Control liquid and gas flow: Proportional Control Valves
  Control slurry flows: Pinch Valves
  Dispense batches of tempered water: Batching Systems

Who you are:
  Baker: Batching Systems or Intellifaucet Mixing Valves
  Chemical Engineer: Proportional Control Valves
  Chemist: Pinch Valves
  Photographer: Intellifaucet Mixing Valves


Mixing Valves

Proportional Control Valves

Proportional Pinch Valves

Batching Systems

Water Filters


More Selection Guides

Valve Sizing Calculator   ECV vs EPV   Intellifaucet Selection Guide   Photographer's Guide   Guide to Mixing Valves



Averill Park, NY March 29, 2016 -- We are now shipping ECVs with a new logic board. The new ECV board has:

  • Higher resolution for smoother control
  • Adaptive noise filter dynamically eliminates dithering
  • Switch options for isolated/grounded control signal and more

Our new microcontroller has a 10 bit AD converter instead of an 8 bit converter for a 4X improvement in resolution, from 1/2 percent to 1/8 percent.

We improved our digital noise filter by introducting an adaptive filter. Every second, the filter measures the dither of the valve and adjusts the filter parameters until the dithering is eliminated. To reset the filter, simply cycle power. A switch on the board turns off the adaptive filter, leaving a mild digital filter in place.

The new boards are 100% compatible with all ECV valves and are drop in replacements. The boards are also available as a spare part, PN 11299.

Please contact us if you have any questions.



Here's our newest video, the ECV-750-316SS-4X blowing some hot air.

Our new video of the Intellifaucet K250 Mixing Valve.

Here's a demonstration of the Intellifaucet BC250.

Contact Us

Please contact us via email, phone or fax if you can't find what you need. Click here to send us an email message, or call us at (518) 674-8151 or by fax at (518) 674-8157.

Owner's Manuals

The Intellifaucet Batch, new ECV, old ECV, new EPV, old EPV, Intellifaucet D, Intellifaucet E, and Intellifaucet K owner's manuals are all online.

Instructional Videos

Instructional videos for using and repairing our products can be found here.

How to Buy

You can place your order online using our secure, online ordering system, or by calling, faxing or mailing in your order, whichever you prefer.

Featured Products



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US Shipping Charges (worst case - see below)

Ground: $10.42 + $0.88/lb
Second Day: $26.42 + $4.17/lb
Next Day: $66.57 + $4.84/lb

Ground service takes 5-7 business days to California and the West Coast, 2-3 days to the South and Midwest, and 1-2 days to the Northeast.

The shipping formulas above are based on shipping to California from our New York factory. Shipping charges to destinations closer to us may be as little as one-half the calculated charge. After receiving your order, we will calculate exact shipping charges and send you the corrected order total. Shipping charges change weekly with volatile fuel prices and associated fuel surcharges. You can also go to the UPS website and use their shipping rate calculator to get a more accurate estimate of the shipping charges.

International Shipping

We normally ship with the US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx for international shipments. Please contact us for an exact price quote.

Repair Service

We repair everything we sell. Please call us for a Return Material Authorization number before sending anything back to us.

Biased Guide to Mixing Valves

Confused about mixing valves? Read our infamous Biased Guide to Mixing Valves for the complete lowdown on mixing valve technology.


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