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Choosing an Intellifaucet, a control valve or a Batching System.

Payment methods.

Owner's manuals and rebuild kits.

Choosing an Intellifaucet.

The Intellifaucet E Series is our general purpose mixing valve. It includes 13 preset temperature settings from 55 to 115 °F, plus All Cold and All Hot. Our Intellifaucet D Series was developed specifically for photolabs. It comes with 15 presets selected by professional photolabs for color and black & white processing. The Intellifaucet K Series offers more flexibility and control, offering 0.1 degree temperature settings from 40 to 140 °F. Please use the guide below to aid in your selection.

1. Determine the flow rate required. (1-2 GPM is typical for home darkrooms)
2. Select the Intellifaucet that has the capacity for your desired maximum flow rate and is closest to your average flow. Flow rates for 50 psi water pressure are provided in the data sheets for each Intellifaucet.
3. Select valve body material. Brass is ideal for most applications. Stainless steel may be required in food processing plants and for deionized water.
4. Decide if Remote Interface is needed. Remote Interface is ideal for industrial automation applications. An external 4-20 mA current source is required.

Choosing a Control Valve.

Use our interactive Valve Sizing Calculator to determine the size valve you need. Select a material that is appropriate for your application. Choose an EPV if you don't need a watertight electrical enclosure or an ECV if you do need a NEMA 4X watertight enclosure.

Choosing a Batching System.

If you need to control both batch and temperature, then consider the Intellifaucet Batch and Temperature Control System. If you need just a batching system with one inlet pipe and one outlet, then select a batching system using a controller, a solenoid valve and a check valve. We do not make or sell batch-only systems.

To select the proper Intellifaucet Batch System, determine 1. How much water you need per batch, and 2. How much time is allowed for the water to fill the container. Each Intellifaucet is rated in gallons per minute, so you simply divide the total gallons needed per batch by the time allowed per batch to get your required flow rate. Then select the Intellifaucet that has the capacity to deliver that flow rate.

Example: You need 85 pounds of water per batch and you have 2 minutes for the water fill. Divide 85 by 8.5 gallons per pound to get gallons. Divide 10 gallons by 2 minutes to get 5 GPM. Select the Intellifaucet BC375, which is rated for 12 GPM at 50 psi pressure drop.

Payment Methods.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped. We also accept corporate purchase orders for open accounts. To set up an account, please fax basic company information, three trade references and a bank reference. Approval will take approximately 2 weeks.

How to find Owner's Manuals and Rebuild Kits.

To find an Owner's Manual or Rebuild Kit for your product, search or browse to get the data sheet. If an owner's manual or rebuild kit is available online, you'll see it listed on the right side of the screen. Please contact us if you can't find the owner's manual you need and we'll mail it to you free of charge. Contact us if you need help finding repair parts for your product.

If you need more information, call, write, fax or click here to send us an email message. We'll respond promply to your inquiries.

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