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Filter cartridge, hot water, 5 micron

Price: $ 13.00
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Part Number: 10966
Usually ships in: 24 hours
Shipping weight: 0.60 lb

  • 5 micron filtration
  • Standard 9 3/4 inch size
  • Large surface area
  • Long-lasting pleated cartridge
  • 200 F maximum temperature

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This 5 micron sediment filter is ideal for photolabs. The filter uses a pleated cartridge to provide a large amount of filtration surface area and greater dirt holding capacity. In water, dirt is trapped on the outside surfaces of the filter cartridge. Independent tests prove that a pleated cartridge will last 2 to 3 times longer than other types of sediment cartridges. A small amount of polyester is added to the pleated media to extend the life by adding strength for high pressure applications. These cartridges are especially designed to withstand temperatures up to 200 F and pressures to 200 psi.


Micron rating: 5
Maximum temperature: 200F
Maximum pressure: 200 psi
Maximum flow rate: 10 GPM
Cartridge size: 9.75 x 2.5 inch
Clean pressure drop: 2.0 psi

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