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Most problems with our valves can be solved by cleaning all of the internal parts with a mild acid solution. An easy way to do this is to uninstall the unit, plug all of the openings except one, lay the unit in a sink or tray, and pour the acid into the unit. Let soak for a few hours, rinse and reinstall. Disassemble the unit and clean all of the parts if needed.


Our new Intellifaucet logic boards, introduced in 2017, have some new features which are sometimes misunderstood. Certain values can be changed that might cause problems. Pressing and holding the STOP button for 3 seconds enters calibration mode, for 5 seconds enters personality mode. This occasionally happens by accident which then can lead to temperature errors or operating errors.


If someone accidentally changes the calibration values, you will have temperature errors and possibly no temperature control at all. Our default values for calibration are 0 for both the gain and offset. Please see the Intellifaucet Owner's Manual (available online) for calibration instructions.


We now use one microcontroller for all of our products. However, each size faucet needs different preset values to operate properly. Also, our Batch Intellifaucets need different values than our Intelifaucet K and RK series. If a Batch unit is accidentally set to be a K-type Intellifaucet then it will not read the flowmeter and the Batch Active LED will be on all the time.

Here's how to set or reset the personality values: 1. Press and hold the STOP button for 5 seconds. The display will show 1-16. 2. Press the appropriate key on the keypad once to set the personality. See the image below for the key values.

Personality Keymap

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